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What does it take to start an internet store? Apparently, it is easier than I thought. You can do it in less than 15 steps.

Here is the summary of the main steps to get your store up and running:

Step Blog Post
1. Find your product niche Product – Niche Market Research
2. Choose a name for your website Choosing a Name for Your Website
3. Register a domain name Registering a Domain Name for your Website
4. Choose a name for your business Choosing a Name for your Business
5. Decide business entity type for your business Starting a Business: Legal Steps I – Choosing Business Entity Type
6. File for an LLC Starting a Business: Legal Steps II – Filing for an LLC
7. Register to pay taxes Starting a Business: Legal Steps III – Tax Registrations
8. Open a business bank account Opening a Bank Account for your Business
9. Create a website Creating a Website – Choosing an eCommerce Product

Create a Website – Custom Designs

10. Source your product Sourcing your Product – Business Models

Sourcing your Product – Working with Doba

11. Choose your store payment options Store Operations – Choosing Payment Options
12. Choose your store shipping options Store Operations – Shipping Options
13. Register your store with Google Internet Marketing – Starting with Google
14. Register with Google Analytics Internet Marketing – Starting with Google Analytics

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Within the first month of starting a business, I have hit two lows and two highs. The lows had to do with challenges or obstacles and the highs were around overcoming these obstacles. The lower the low, the higher was the high that overcame it.

I have originally set to start an internet business as part of Tim Ferris’s $100K competition. That required working with a Shopify eCommerce product. Unfortunately, I didn’t like their standard website templates and finding a Shopify developer was too expensive and time consuming. After more research on the internet, I was able to find the BigCommerce product. I loved their product! However, it meant that I no longer could participate in the competition. I had to let go of that idea.

My second low was harder to overcome. I realized that my original product sourcing idea will not work and that seriously put the whole business model in jeopardy. I had to come with some new options.

Challenges and obstacles will always be part of the game. I think it should be expected. It is important to remain open and flexible and continue to pursue new ideas.

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It is recommended to keep your business finance separate from your personal finances. Therefore, right after completing all the legal steps of forming a business, you can go ahead and open a business bank account. If you have an LLC, you will need your EIN number and a copy of certificate of business formation (you should receive it by mail after completing the Legal Steps II). 

The bank account should be free and you will receive a free debit card as well. You will also be asked if you want to order checks. There is a charge for it. In my case, they have asked for $100. There are cheaper options available. So, I passed on that one.

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This blog will take you on a journey of starting an online retail store.

Inspired by Tim Ferris’s book “The 4-Hour Workweek”, I have decided to create an online jewelry store and enter the world of ecommerce. In this blog, you will find the steps I followed to start my internet store.  

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