Search Engine Optimization of your website will help you to rank higher with Google search and bring free traffic to your website.  There are two main parts to SEO – first is the On Page Optimization and second is about creating backlinks to your website. 

To get started with On Page Optimization, you can follow simple guidelines below: 

1) What Pages to Optimize
You would like to optimize your Home page, your Category pages and key Product pages (20%-30% of your product pages).

2) Keyword Selection
The first step in optimizing any web page is to find the most relevant keywords for the specific page using a Keyword Research Tool (see blog post Product – Nich Market Research). You can find keywords (typically one keyword per page) for your Home page, Category pages and key Product pages.

3) Optimizing web page Title, Description and Keywords tags
Every web page has these three important tags.  You should include your selected keywords in these tags. Google considers the sequence of what you write. So you want to place important keywords first or at the beginning of the sentence.  You can check you current page Title by looking on top of the Menu bar. You can check your Description and Keywords by revewing the information available at Tools/Page Info menu option on your toolbar.

You want to update those tags for your Home page, every Category page and Product pages. If you are using an ecommerce platform (like BigCommerce) those tags are available under Store Settings, Category Updates and Product Updates.

4) Optimizing the Home Page
In addition to setting Title, Description and Keywords for your home page, you want to include keywords in the content of the web page. You can do it by writing direct content and/or featuring specific products that you want to promote on the home page.

5) Optimizing Product Pages
SEO efficient ecommerce platforms generate web page url based on the product title. So you want to include important keyword in the title. It is best to keep it short and most relevant to the keyword or in other words to what people will be most likely to search.

It takes time until Google recognizes your optimization changes. It depends on how frequently Google scans the pages on your website. In my case, it took 4-6 weeks for my Home page to appear in Google search results and approximately 8-12 weeks until Google indexed the majority of my Product pages and they start appearing in Google search results.

Search Engine Optimization should be an important component in your overall Internet Marketing plan.  On Page optimization is only the first step and for most high traffic competitive keywords you will need to continue with Backlinks strategy to achieve high ranking with Google. 

If you would like additional information on SEO, I recommend reading the book “SEO Warrior” by John I. Jerkovic.

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