Having a blog is a great way to promote your online business or professional services.

Blogs are relatively easy to optimize for specific targeted keywords and therefore rank well in Google.  High rank in Google is a free way to drive traffic to your blog and acquire potential new customers.  

Here is a list of  4 simple steps than you can do to optimize your blog entry:

1) Select a main keyword for your blog and category topics using a Keyword Research Tool (see blog post Product – Nich Market Research).

2) Include selected keyword in the blog Title and the first and last paragraphs in your blog post.

3) Enable SEO Plugin for your blog (I use “All in One SEO Pack” for my WordPress blog) and include selected keyword in the Title, Decription and Keywords tags.

4) Modify your default Permalinks Setting (you can find it under Settings in WordPress) to include Month and Name. This will generate a Url name for your blog entry with the blog name in it which is very important for Google search.

Remember it can take time for Google (days or weeks) to scan and recognize your changes.

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