This year I had the opportunity to participate in Ed Dale’s The Challenge training. This program introduces people into the world of internet marketing and allows them to take an idea of a product or market micro niche and test it for commercial viability with very little money. 

Here are some details about the 2010 program:

1) Program Structure 
The Challenge consists of 7 modules. Each module includes 7 days of training videos and there is one week break to catch up between the modules. Overall duration is 13 weeks.

2) What Will You Learn
Module I - How to select and research the keywords for your product or micro niche using Market Samurai tool (available for free for the period of The Challenge)
Module II - How to write search engine optimized articles without too much pain and how setup your blog using WordPress Direct
Module III - All about backlinks, how to create accounts with web 2.0 sites like Blogger, Xanga, etc. and how to effectively publish to these sites.
Module IV and V - How to find more information about your market, where to get ideas for your blog and articles and how to participate in forums, Facebook and other networking opportunities.
Module VI - How to test commercial viability of of your product/blog using Google AdSense and Affiliate products. 
Module VII - How to make Go/No Go decision about your blog and what are the available options.

3) Program Cost
The program is free. You will need to spend under $100 for domain name registration and hosting.

4) Your Time Commitment
Daily videos can range from 7-20 minutes. It takes time to digest, practice and implement what has been learned and that can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Overall, for 49 days of training I would estimate 50-75 hours of time commitment.

It is not easy to make money over the internet but if you always wanted to know what is involved this is a good starting point.

In the 2010 Challenge over 1,000 people participated from around the world. Thank you Ed Dale and The Challenge team for putting it together and making it available for free.

For more information about The Challenge, please visit

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