You have your Google AdWords account and you are ready to create your own campaigns.

Here are some basic concepts to get you started:

1) Campaign – initially you will start with one campaign. There are several parameters that you can define for a campaign. The most important ones are daily budget and geographical location.
- Setting a daily budget will guarantee that you will not spend more than the specified amount per day for all the ads in the campaign. Sometimes, Google will exceed the daily budget for one day but then it will spend less in another day. Overall it will not spend more than the specified budget per day.
- Setting a geographical location is important. If your business is local then you want to make sure that your ad appears in the right geographical location. If you are only selling in the US and only for specific states (for example not including Hawaii and Alaska) then you want to set the geographical location correctly. When Google build my campaign they recommended to start with big metro areas in the north-east.

2) Ad Group – you can create multiple ad groups in one campaign. Typically, you will create a separate ad group for each product category. For example you will create separate ad groups for necklaces and bracelets or pearl jewelry and roman glass jewelry.

3) Ads – it is good to create more than one ad for each ad group. Normally, you will create 2 ads for each ad group. The language for each group will be very similar with small differences. Overtime you will see which ad works better and gets more clicks. In addition, you can not create Image Ads that will appear in Google Search. They can only appear in Google Display Network.

4) Keywords – Adwords has a Keyword Research tool that allows  you to review the traffic and the competition for a particular keyword. You can find the tool under the Opportunities tab. You should be looking for keywords that  have higher traffic number and less competition. The higher the competition the higher the cost of the keyword. You can have multiple keywords per ad.

5) Negative keywords – these are keywords that you don’t want in the search phrase. For example if someone is searching for “gold garnet ring” and you are only selling silver then you want to include “gold” as a negative word. It is important to specify as many negative keywords as possible.

Initially, it is good to monitor your campaign on a daily basis and continue to adjust your keywords, your negative keywords and the wording of your ads until you will reach a state that you are happy with.

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