This step is required for all legal entities except sole proprietorship. Since I have chosen the LLC legal structure then filing with the state is required. Before you can proceed with the actual filing there are a few decisions regarding the location of your business  and what state to file in that you need to make:

First you need to decide if you want to file in your own state or other states like Delware, Nevada, etc. It is best to discuss the different advantages or disadvantages with your accountant and lawyer. In my case, I have decided to file with my own state of New Jersey. I have also considered filing in New York but it is more expensive as there is a publishing requirement that can cost over $1,000 alone in Manhattan.

Second, you need to decide what is the address of your business. You may choose to use your home address or a mail box. To simplify the matter, I have decided to use my home address. 

You are now ready to file your LLC or corporation. It costs $125 in New Jersey and you can do it online. The link below will take you to the New Jersey Division of Revenue On-line Business Filing and Registration Service  –

For more information on forming an LLC in NJ visit

Congratulations!!! You have now completed the filing for your LLC.

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