Doba has a business model that sounds great. They provide you with product pictures and descriptions. You post the product on your website. Once the customer buys the product, you place the order with Doba, who then ships the product to the customer. Sounds easy, right! I have signed for their free trial and spend a lot of time going through their product catalogue. They only had 3 major suppliers for the jewelry category and their wholesale prices where close to the retail price or sometimes higher. I have also checked the prices for selected camera equipment and found once more that the prices were higher than what you can buy these products on the Internet.

If you are considering using Doba, I suggest you sign up for their 7 day free trial offer and check the catalogue and prices for the products you are interested to sell. If you decide that Doba is for you, I suggest you don’t sign up right away. A salesperson will most likely call you after you signed up for the free trial and will try to give you discounts. From their advertised $50-$60 per month he came down to a special of about $20 per month. Good Luck!

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