Within the first month of starting a business, I have hit two lows and two highs. The lows had to do with challenges or obstacles and the highs were around overcoming these obstacles. The lower the low, the higher was the high that overcame it.

I have originally set to start an internet business as part of Tim Ferris’s $100K competition. That required working with a Shopify eCommerce product. Unfortunately, I didn’t like their standard website templates and finding a Shopify developer was too expensive and time consuming. After more research on the internet, I was able to find the BigCommerce product. I loved their product! However, it meant that I no longer could participate in the competition. I had to let go of that idea.

My second low was harder to overcome. I realized that my original product sourcing idea will not work and that seriously put the whole business model in jeopardy. I had to come with some new options.

Challenges and obstacles will always be part of the game. I think it should be expected. It is important to remain open and flexible and continue to pursue new ideas.

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