There are many options to create a website that range from very inexpensive and immediate to very expensive and longer time to complete.

One of the fastest way to get started is to use an eCommerce product like BigCommerce –  BigCommerce comes with many features like web hosting, website building, shopping cart, credit card payment, content management, marketing tools, etc. Website building is a very easy process that consists of choosing a template, customizing it and loading your product content. No programming is involved.

There are many eCommerce products and you can get started with a starter package as low as $24.95 per month. Here is a 2010 review of the popular eCommerce products available today – BigCommerce ranks #1 on this list. The review also lists all the important features that you should look for to help determine what is important to you.

At first, I tried the Shopify product but I realy didn’t like their website templates and it was too expensive to hire a developer to start modifying their template. After reading the review above, I tried the BigCommerce product. I liked their templates right away and was pleasantly surprised by all the features they offered. You can create a professionally looking website in a few days.

No doubt, using an eCommerce product is the fastest, easiest and least expansive way to create a website.

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